InDesign – Cannot Write Package File due to Missing Plugins – Solution

One of our Art Team at work had this exact problem when trying to meet a tight deadline.  The ever friendly Google came up with this blog: Big thanks to Masood Ahmad for pointing out this Github repository: We downloaded the pkg file for our 2018 install of InDesign on MacOS, and it […]

Trimming Trailing Whitespace in Adobe DreamWeaver

Bronze Option, Search and Replace My co-worker Brian Hall and I have long wanted to have a “delete trailing whitespace” feature for Dreamweaver. I’ve Googled, used the Adobe forums, looked in the Adobe Dreamweaver Marketplace, and nothing. We thought we had the answer in using regular expression search and replace, but my experiments with that […]

New Theme: Busby

I’ve been saving links to interesting WordPress themes in my Delicious account, and the most recent is a rather impressive theme indeed.  It’s called Busby, and it’s got many advanced features.  I’ve set the basic options, but will want to explore the nifty image slider that’s a default part of the theme.  I also need […]

ColdFusion, DDX, and PDFs Part 1: Gotchas

Before getting into the details of styling PDF document components using DDX, I wanted to share two very big “gotchas” that Brian and I experienced: When declaring the DDX element, make sure you copy it exactly, including the (seemingly) incorrect space in the schemaLocation. When testing your DDX using the IsDDX() function, make sure that […]

ColdFusion, DDX, and PDFs Part 2: Styling a Table of Contents

As promised, experiences from working with Brian Hall on the ECU printable telephone directory.  We knew we want Adobe Acrobat (aka PDF) files to provide a reasonable platform-agnostic method of producing quality printed output.  One of the features that we wanted is a table of contents.  That’s reasonably easy using DDX, and you can see […]