ColdFusion, DDX, and PDFs Part 1: Gotchas

Before getting into the details of styling PDF document components using DDX, I wanted to share two very big “gotchas” that Brian and I experienced: When declaring the DDX element, make sure you copy it exactly, including the (seemingly) incorrect space in the schemaLocation. When testing your DDX using the IsDDX() function, make sure that […]

ColdFusion, DDX, and PDFs Part 2: Styling a Table of Contents

As promised, experiences from working with Brian Hall on the ECU printable telephone directory.  We knew we want Adobe Acrobat (aka PDF) files to provide a reasonable platform-agnostic method of producing quality printed output.  One of the features that we wanted is a table of contents.  That’s reasonably easy using DDX, and you can see […]