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New Theme: Busby

I’ve been saving links to interesting WordPress themes in my Delicious account, and the most recent is a rather impressive theme indeed.  It’s called Busby, and it’s got many advanced features.  I’ve set the basic options, but will want to explore the nifty image slider that’s a default part of the theme.  I also need to come up with a 200x50px logo image.  I’m a tech person, not a graphics designer, so the initial ones are no doubt going to be of rather poor quality.


WordPress 3.0.1: That was Easy

I kept putting off my upgrade, but now I’m finally running the very up to date release of WordPress. After doing the requisite cp -R to make a backup of the files and mysqldump for the db, I pressed the button. Done. And, now I even get notifications about the theme I’m using having an update. Most Excellent!


FLOSS Friday: Portable Apps

As a during-work Windows user, I really love the idea and implementation of Portable Apps.


Work Blog: FLOSS Friday

I am part of a team of Technology Consultants at ECU, and we’ve recently attempted to make blogging a part of our professional day to day routine. For my part, I’m posting the “FLOSS Friday” theme day. The first entry is up, and is about one of my favorite tools: KeePass



First Post

Hah, a Slashdot meme I’ve never actually used, mainly because in a comments section it is annoying.  As my about page indicates, I’m going to be writing about the tools and techniques I’ve found for doing web pages, web page design, web application implementation, and so on.  My current interest is in Google Maps, something I’ve been researching using a few books but primarily web pages.  Other than the excellent Google Maps API site, resources are few and far between.  I have been using information in the books from Packt such as Beginning Google Maps Applications with PHP and Ajax: From Novice to Professional and Beginning Google Maps Mashups with Mapplets, KML, and GeoRSS: From Novice to Professional (Beginning from Novice to Professional). Also extraordinarily useful is jQuery, about which there is amazing amounts of information.  I’ll be posting about my experiences with some Google Maps APIs and techniques later.

The other topic that’s of interest to me is web based survey systems.  I have written two of my own from scratch, one extremely rudimentary in Perl using XML for configuration and flat text files for responses.  The other has an web admin interface, is written in PHP, and has a true database (MySQL) back end.  I’m not happy with the workflows involved in creating surveys, questions, and answers.  I’ve been searching for sources of inspiration, and I probably would never have written the second one if I had known about LimeSurvey before I began.  Besides the very popular Survey Monkey, I recently looked over Wufoo, yet another free-intro paid-extras survey system. They have a really slick AJAX interface I might use as inspiration for rewrites of my code.