Sponsor: NC jQuery & JavaScript Camp: Winter 2010

I paid the extra money to become a sponsor of NC jQuery & JavaScript Camp: Winter 2010.  I’m going to be attending with Brian Hall and perhaps others on January 30.  The current list of attendees is really exciting.  My anticipation has been raised by listening to the yayQuery podcast and the Official jQuery podcast.

Adding Dynamic Behavior When Using TabbedMaxContent

Last time I promised a continuation of the series describing how I used the Tabbed Max Content JavaScript class for some Google Maps at ECU. One of the inspirations I used was the many examples in the Google Maps API Demo Gallery. Specifically, I used code snippets from the Tabbed Max InfoWindow + Dynamic Content […]

Using TabbedMaxContent with Google Maps

While working on a project to show general purpose computer labs at East Carolina University, I needed to combine several techniques, libraries and technologies.  This post is about my experience with the TabbedMaxContent JavaScript class from the gmaps utility library. The examples and API reference certainly helped, but it took more effort to figure out […]