Work Blog: FLOSS Friday

I am part of a team of Technology Consultants at ECU, and we’ve recently attempted to make blogging a part of our professional day to day routine. For my part, I’m posting the “FLOSS Friday” theme day. The first entry is up, and is about one of my favorite tools: KeePass Enjoy!

Adding Dynamic Behavior When Using TabbedMaxContent

Last time I promised a continuation of the series describing how I used the Tabbed Max Content JavaScript class for some Google Maps at ECU. One of the inspirations I used was the many examples in the Google Maps API Demo Gallery. Specifically, I used code snippets from the Tabbed Max InfoWindow + Dynamic Content […]

Using TabbedMaxContent with Google Maps

While working on a project to show general purpose computer labs at East Carolina University, I needed to combine several techniques, libraries and technologies.  This post is about my experience with the TabbedMaxContent JavaScript class from the gmaps utility library. The examples and API reference certainly helped, but it took more effort to figure out […]

Creating a JSONP Data Provider in PHP

PHP 5.2 or PECL json 1.2 has the ability to convert data structures into JSON: $data = array(‘zero’, ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’); $json = json_encode($data); echo $json However, if you are deploying to a lowered PHP version, either because your hosting provider hasn’t caught up or you’re using Red Hat Enterprise (even the latest 5.3 only […]

First Post

Hah, a Slashdot meme I’ve never actually used, mainly because in a comments section it is annoying.  As my about page indicates, I’m going to be writing about the tools and techniques I’ve found for doing web pages, web page design, web application implementation, and so on.  My current interest is in Google Maps, something […]