Adobe LiveCycle 9.0 (ES2) DDX Reference

When trying to fully take advantage of Adobe Acrobat files using ColdFusion, you’re going to have to delve into the world of DDX. Although several bloggers have linked to the Adobe DDX reference so that ColdFusion programmers can get the full syntax, almost all of the links no longer work due to reorganization of Adobe’s web site. To help the ColdFusion community, I’m posting a live link to the PDF reference as of now:


Because at some point this link will also suffer from bit rot, I’ve decided to make a copy available from this blog as well.

My coworker Brian Hall and I spent a considerable amount of time with Google, our dev laptops, and several ColdFusion bloggers / experts to make some PDFs generated from dynamic data. I’ll be posting our findings, including the not-seen-in-one place styling of an automatically generated table of contents using DDX in ColdFusion.

Although I don’t yet have my posts with how-tos ready, I do want to warn the ColdFusion folks out there to make sure to consult the documentation for (dis)allowed DDX elements. For instance, you may wish to view the list of elements supported in ColdFusion 9.0.1. If the previous link fails, look for the detailed information in the CFPDF tag reference.